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A community for sharing academic questionnaires!


Academic Hugs is all about:

Academic Community

Academic Hugs was created to support the international academic community. It allows students, professors and researchers to help each other to improve by giving comments and providing guidance.


Academic Hugs encourages dialogue between the members of the academic community. Constructive criticism is the key for improvement and achievements.

Reduce Sample Biases

The common respondents, friends and family, live in your environment and share a similar culture. An international and multi-cultural sample reduces the sample bias.

Give-and-Take Principle

When you give a hug, you get a hug. This is the principle of this website. You answer my study’s survey or questionnaire, and I’ll answer yours – no losers and only winners!

Equality and Fairness

It is not fair that someone who spends twenty minutes on answering a questionnaire will receive the same credit as one who answered a quick survey. That's why the credit for each study depends on its complexity.

Free and User-Friendly

Academic Hugs is entirely free and was designed to be simple and helpful.

Test Culture Effect

By having an international sample, you can investigate the effect of cultural differences, language and demographics on your results.

Get More Answers, Fast

A larger sample means more valid results. Easily improve the academic value of your study by increasing your sample size.